A little randomness about me (ok very random)
written August 2012

This is not a fashion blog!
I am doing my dream career ( as a Jewelry Designer) doesn't mean I'm enjoying the money just yet (ha)
I spend an insane amount of time online, looking at blogs, learning from blogs, etc.
Clothes are not a big deal to me, I care way more about the jewelry.
I have over 400 magazines, most are Elle Magazine ( hey don't judge, it's research & inspiration)
I have a serious trained eye for thrifting for vintage jewelry ( search Thrifty Thursdays here on the blog)
I dream and obsess over collaborating with certain fashion bloggers but tread lightly in my approach.
I think aspects of blogging can be very superficial....as well as social media. 
I hate HTML, don't know squat about photoshop and often wish I could just barter for these services with graphic design artist ( seriously, holler at me)
Sometimes I feel bloggers are unapproachable and it makes me further believe that "blog cliques" exist.
I Nannied professionally for wealthy families for years and did so into starting Purple Paparazzi.
Sometimes I HATE social media & feel it's all an ass kissing game ( but yea, I'm in on it so I'm just as bad) Ha
Pinterest baffles me...OMG whats the point...just pretty images everywhere, hello, thats why I collect magazines!
I love fashion but I am not all consumed by it! 
I repeat this is not a fashion blog! Please enjoy!

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