Monday, August 27, 2012

Introduction to my RANT series

I like to talk. And so that means because I can't physically talk to YOU ALL, I love to write. I mean LOVE IT. Sometimes I think I was supposed to be a writer in a past life. Moving on. This series literally happened on accident. In starting this blog, I had no direction, I just knew as a jewelry designer, I needed an outlet and because I wanted to do what all the other cool kids were doing. One day, I was making a go at pre-planned blog posts and I was thinking of posts I wanted to write. And boom, I did my first rant. Totally unintentional. I guess a rant can be looked at as someone being bitchy or negative, but not always. Sometimes I just want to vent on something and don't want it taken in a negative context....

Which brings me to my first Rant: I cannot DISconnect!

Yes. You read correctly. I cannot disconnect and I have accepted this flaw. I am so connected to my Android device it is ridiculous. YES, I said Android. Not an Iphone user, excuse me, I'm sorry I need a keyboard very much. Back to my point. I use my device for everything, mainly for business. I am constantly checking emails, both personal and work. I have access to my RSS feed with all my favorite blogs, linked right up. I use my devices MP3 ALL the time. I track and record everything into my calendar and use this app called colornote, which is like a task chart and to do list. My phone is constantly in my hand, and if it's in my purse, I am checking it ALL the time. And yes I carry my charger with me everywhere.Like EVERYWHERE. I can identify all my alerts and if I hear a notification go off, I HAVE to check it. ( this is terrible, I know, stop judging)  But worse is the other nite, getting ready for bed, there we were, me and Awesome (thats my love for those that don't know his alias on the blog), so engulfed in our DEVICES, we werent talking, we weren't unwinding, we were typing and reading away. I looked over at him and said " We're ridiculous with our phones" and he laughed and agreed and said that " I " meaning "me" was worse. Of course I am. I sleep with my phone right next to the bed. Sometimes I forget to turn off the ringer volume and I'll have emails coming thru all hours of the nite, and what do I do, roll over and break my sleep and check them. I have often fallen asleep with my phone in my bed, or I'll wake up in the morning and its like under my pillow or something....So the point of this rant is to vent that I am TOO connected, I cannot be stopped and to see if any of you out there can relate, be it personal or business......I thank goodness I am only linked to two social medias right now (twitter and instagram) or it could get seriously out of hand.

Can you relate to not being able to DISconnect? Love to hear your comments. I can't be the ONLY junkie! And let's just make matters better for not being able to disconnect and tell you to follow me on Instagram & Twitter, both @purplepaparazzi  :) 

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  1. I totally understand what you mean. Any time there's a down moment, I'm on my phone. From facebook to twitter to just texting people, it's basically impossible for me to get my mind off of my electronic devices.! xx

  2. I get you, I'm the same when a notification goes off. Btw, I loved your rant, we're doing rants for homework and I'm stuck silly :(