Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Have you ever....

Question of the day...Have you ever loved a bloggers style or their blog so much that you spent hours on it?  That when you first found their blog all you wanted to do was to just sit there and continue to click " older posts" several times, until you were  knee deep in all their post and you had seen literally EVERYTHING down to their very first post???....No? You mean to tell me you have NEVER done that...You are LYING through your teeth....everyone has done that at some point......Well if I am alone, then oh well.....This has happened on more than one occasion......The first blogger it ever happened with was Karla of Karlas Closet.....I was in blogger admiration HEAVEN.....I swear that girl is GOLDEN, literally STARDUST......the next blogger I can actually remember that obsession happening with was Helena of Brooklyn Blonde....boy was I mesmerized.....and last but oh certainly not least, it has recently happened with the infamous Blair of Atlantic-Pacific.......and all I can say is O.M.G! I think it is merely out of a mild obsession and an equally mild curiosity of their blog history. And maybe, just maybe, looking at all their photos I would sometimes imagine my jewelry designs on them ( true confession and wishful thinking ) One thing I noticed in these 3 ladies is how much they have evolved since the very beginning, and naturally so....I have so many favorites, seriously, SO MANY, but I was just in the mood to do this post..and well, I DID!!!


  1. Yes, when I first discovered Cupcakes and Cashmere over 3 years ago I went back and read all of her posts! So fun to find a blogger you really connect with and love their style! x

  2. i've done this with Atlantic Pacific as well :) you are definitely not alone!


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  3. Girl - it's a matter of time before your collection is on all of these girls
    xo Krystin
    Suburban Faux-Pas