Monday, June 25, 2012

NYC....the first few hours!

So, I've finally gotten my act together to post some snaps from my 24 hour trip to NYC last week. Enjoy!

Walking into my lovely suite at The Warwick Hotel ( love it)

Checking out the street artist

At the MoMA Design Store, contemplating this cute little lunch box....

Remember when I told you I collaborated with a Miami Swimwear Designer for a Fashion Show in NYC.....Well, let me introduce you to Chandra of Chandra Maharaj Swimwear......AMAZING STUFF!
Lots of stuff going on preparing for the show, so the Designer, her assistant and myself pulled all the looks in my hotel room.....( not pictured was her awesome Videographer David who captured so much behind the scenes stuff ) :)
Chandra, multitasking!

Pulling pieces for Look 16

That's me, laying out more looks for the show...

       This is my FAVORITE shot, Chandra testing out a STACK of the Purple Paparazzi
 "stack'em" bracelets for one of the runway looks....LOVE how they look on her while she is multitasking!!!

That's it for now!!! The stack'em bracelets will be coming soon on 


  1. cool pics!
    visit my fashion blog and if it like u we can follow each other via GFC and Bloglovin
    Lisa S. per

  2. seems so much fun in NYC...
    i'd like to go soon!

    following u now! follow me back if you want x

    Miss Kwong From Catwalk to Classroom