Sunday, March 25, 2012

Dress up your Wrist

SOOOOOOO....... sporadically when I can squeeze in freetime, my younger sister slash very best friend, comes over on a Sunday to spend the day with my Love and I. This is a tradition. We go get Sushi, go to Wegmans and rack up on snacks and come back to my house and we all just lay around on the couch watching Netflix movies.Instead of the Sushi, I made lunch ( Grilled Chicken for them, Shrimp for me, Cous cous and a bomb salad). Well, my sisters hand was resting on my couch and her nails looked beautiful and I glanced over and saw a photo opportunity.She rolled her eyes and I proceeded with my project hee hee. So I decided to dress up her wrist with a few of the new Purple Paparazzi bracelets with a few vintage treasures thrown in. It's so funny, I just told her to relax and stay natural while I switched out bracelet sets......I LOVE how they turned out....wish I could have nails this pretty( maybe not this long) No long nails for me, duhhhh, I make jewelry!!! Hope you guys enjoy the preview of bracelets.....Thanks Sis for being a GREAT hand model!!!! ( Her nail polish color is OPI Panda-Monium Pink if you're curious) LOVE IT!!!

                              A FEW VINTAGE LOVES

                My Faves.....Purple Paparazzi LOVES this Turquoise!!!

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